Illinois Video Gambling

Need our help representing your business/establishment in front of the State of Illinois in order to become licensed to provide Video Gambling at your location?

Gaming and Gambling

CLG provides advice and counsel to many different gaming sectors. With over 25 years experience in all areas of gaming, CLG can assist in any manner. CLG currently concentrates in the following areas: Lottery - representing companies providing intellectual property to lotteries. Video Gaming Terminals - representing terminal operators, establishments and brokers. Sports Wagering - representing back end technology and lobbying policy makers. Sweepstakes - representing electronic product promotion software developers, operators, brokers and locations. CLG handles business formation, application, regulatory actions and litigation.


CLG provides advice and counsel to those looking to enter the legal cannabis market. Having represented a successful dispensary in Illinois, Oregon and California and a cultivation in California and Colorado, CLG can assist in all aspects of this emerging industry.


CLG offers general legal advice for professional athletes including asset protection, charitable foundations, marketing/promotional and endorsement opportunities including appearances.

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We ask that you please fill out this form containing all important information necessary for the State of Illinois Video Gaming application process.

It is required that you release your previous year’s tax information for the application process. A tax release form will be sent to you via email or fax.

When filling out this form, you MUST use the entity name as registered with the secretary of state. Do not use your name, your name is supposed to be used on the Individual Release form.

Each person who has an invested interests in the business will need to sign a release form containing required information for the application process.

We take all of the above information, validate it, and send it in correctly to the State of Illinois Gaming Board on your behalf.

Once everything is filled out, we will contact you to make sure everything is correct one last time. After the application has been submitted there is no ability to correct it.

After submitting the application, every applicant on a given application MUST be fingerprinted. The Illinois Gaming Board has provided three vendors for fingerprinting. Each vendor has many locations throughout the state so you do not have to travel far.

You will have to wait until the Illinois Gaming Board contacts you for a site inspection. Please be ready and prepared.